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    Hata Sawako TV appearances

    Some of the TV shows that Sawako has appeared in are as follows.

    2012.08.26Music JapanKibou ni Tsuite performance
    2013.02.08Shibuya Deep A [NHK]guest
    2013.04.18Music JapanKono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu performance
    2015.07.05-2015.09.27Venus Project TVperformance, talk
    2015.10.22Animusu!event video
    2016.08.25AniGe Eleven 46guest
    2016.10.27AniGe Eleven 55event report
    2016.12.12Hiru Kyun!guest
    2017.01.31-2017.03.21Mayonaka no Hyakkatenacting (guest character)
    2017.03.17Hiru Kyun!guest
    2017.06.15Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang DreamBushiroad Matsuri video
    2017.06.30Akiba Dungeonguest
    2017.09.14Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Toyama Sistersguest
    2017.09.21Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Toyama Sistersguest
    2017.10.07Club AT-X Suzu Mao Sou 369Konohana Kitan event video
    2017.11.02AniGe Eleven 108event video
    2017.11.04Club AT-X Suzu Mao Sou 371Konohana Kitan interview video
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