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    Horie Yui DVDs/Blurays/videos

    Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Yui has appeared in are as follows.

    2000.11.22Love Live Hina (KIBA-535)Song
    2001.09.05Love Hina Final Selection (KIBA-9634-5)Song
    2004.04.28Yui Horie Clips 1 (KIBM-67)promo videos
    2004.10.27Scramble [CD+DVD] (KICM-93085)promo video
    2007.08.17Koi suru tenkizu [CD+DVD] (KICM-91203)promo video
    2008.02.14Final Party Last Aice5 [DVD] (KIBM-161)concert
    2008.06.04Horie Yui Christmas Live [DVD] (KIZB-39 KIZB-40)concert
    2008.10.22Vanilla Salt [CD+DVD] (KICM-91255)promo video
    2009.01.28Silky Heart [CD+DVD] (KICM-91269)promo video
    2009.08.26Yahho! [CD+DVD] (KIZM-35)promo video
    2010.01.01Yui Horie Clips 2 (KIBM-232)promo videos
    2010.05.12Horie Yui wo Meguru Bouken 2 -Budouken de Butoukai- (KIBM-237)live video
    2011.02.02Immoralist [CD+DVD] (KICM-91326)promo video
    2011.05.25Presenter [CD+DVD] (KICM-91337)promo video
    2012.01.18Coloring [CD+DVD] (KICM-91378)promo video
    2012.07.25Natsu no Yakusoku [CD+DVD] (KICM-91402)promo video
    2013.11.13Golden Time [CD+DVD] (KICM-91477)promo video
    2014.03.13The World's End [CD+DVD] (KICM-91500)promo video
    2015.03.04Stay With Me [CD+DVD] (KICM-91580)promo video
    2015.11.04Asymmetry [CD+DVD] (KICM-91639)promo video
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