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    Kasahara Hiroko CDs (solo)

    Hiroko has released the following solo CDs.

    1988.12.21Slow Glass No Kagayaki (32L2-38)Song
    1989.12.21Cafe Paradise (29L2-133)Song
    1990.10.25Semi-Precious Stone (WPCL-190)Song
    1990.11.18Caroling [Christmas Mini-Album] (WPCL-213)Song
    1991.04.10My Best Friend (WPCL-239-40)Song
    1992.06.25Tooi Natsu no Kyuujitsu (WPCL-663)Song
    1992.11.18Memories -The Best Selection-Song
    1994.04.24L'express "Fantaisie" (PICA-1013)Song
    1994.06.25Sayonara ga Kuretano haSong
    1994.12.07Madrigal (PICA-1052)Song
    1995.10.25Memories II (WPC6-8155)Song
    1995.12.21Sora he (WPC6-8167)Song
    1996.01.25Tea For Me -Acoustic Live '95- (WPC6-8168-8169)Song
    1996.03.06Saga (PICA-1091)Song
    1996.11.10Hontou no WatashiSong
    1997.07.25Thanks (WPC6-8368 WPC6-8369)Song
    1997.10.22Take The K Train (PICA-1152)song
    1997.10.25Thanks (WPC6-8368-9)song
    1997.11.25Memories III -Extra- (WPC6-8392-3)song
    1997.12.17Rayearth Extra Hououji Fuu (POCX-1086)Song/Talk
    1998.12.09Our Favorite Things My Prayer 2 (TKCA-71506)Song
    1999.02.24Feel Happy Together (WPC7-10016 WPC7-10017)Song
    1999.04.21Piece of Heart (TKCA-71598)Song
    1999.10.01Aria (SVWC-7039)Song
    1999.10.22Seraphim Call 1 Nemuri Hime Panic [Kurimoto Yukina] (PICA-7001)Song
    2000.01.26Neo Decadence (BXCA-1001)Song
    2000.06.09Cool Decadence ()Song
    2001.03.22Okawari Jiyuu (AKCJ-80006)Song
    2001.09.27Okawari no Jiyuu (TKCA-72224)Song
    2001.11.14True Chair (AKCJ-80010)Song
    2002.02.20Birthday Disc: Pisces (SCDC-163)Song
    2002.11.27Reko (AKCJ-80017)Song
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