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Katou Emiri CDs (singles)

Emiri appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2007.05.23Motteke! Sailor Fuku (LACM-4362)Song
2007.09.05Lucky Star Character Song vol 002 (LACM-4405)Song
2008.03.05Hamatte Sabotte Oh My God! (LACM-4465)Song
2008.11.26Ayanokouji Karen (LACM-4545)Song
2009.08.19Update (PCCA-70253)Song
2009.08.26Aggressive Zone (LASM-4024)Song
2009.10.28Kaerimichi (ANZX-9454)Song/Talk
2009.11.11Wanted! For The Love (LASM-4029)Song
2010.01.27Na-Ri-A-Ga-Ri (LACM-4688)Song
2010.02.03Egao no Katachi (PCCA-03092)Song
2011.09.21Kiraijanaimon (PCCG-70125)Song
2012.02.08Appare! Shunkan Sekkyokuzai (AVCA-49117)Song
2012.02.08Wonderfuler (AVCA-49116)Song
2012.05.30Koi no Double Punch HimaSaku Ban (PCCG-70130)Song
2012.05.30Koi no Double Punch SakuHima Ban (PCCG-01276)Song
2012.09.19Yuru Yuri!! Music 07 (PCCG-70147)Song
2014.03.26Little Challenger (AVCA-74099)Song
2014.04.23Gokujou Smile (AVCA-74101)Song
2014.11.19You Gotta Love Me (EYCA-10075)Song
2016.12.21Kimi ha Watashi no (VTCL-35248)Song
2017.09.06That Is How I Roll (BRMM-10097)Song
2018.01.31Hey Day Capriccio (BRMM-10107)Song