Okada Junko DVDs/Blurays/videos

Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Junko has appeared in are as follows.

1995.10.21It's Say You! vol 2 VHS (COVC-4614)Talk
1995.12.21It's Say You! vol 3 VHS (COVC-4643)Skit, Talk
1996.04.21It's Say You! vol 2 LD (COLC-3190)Talk
1997.12.16Sentimental Graffiti Summer ConcertSong, talk
1998.01.31Sentimental Graffiti Memories of Summer ConcertSong, talk
1998.10.01SG Girls 12 Alls Last Concert videoSong, talk
1998.10.21SG Girls 12 Alls Last Concert LDSong, talk
2000.09.01SG Girls' Live Memorials (COBC-4038)Song, talk

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