Saitou Chiwa CDs

Some of the CDs that Chiwa has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Chiwa has not released any solo CDs.

Miscellaneous CDs

Chiwa appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

2002.07.22Coopee (MMCC-0024)Song
2003.10.24Cinematic Sound Drama GetBackers -Divine Revelation- (MKC-0001)Talk
2004.02.14Cinematic Sound Drama GetBackers -The Place of a God's Death- (MKC-0002)Talk
2004.02.27Pani Poni Drama CD Vol.1 Ver.KSS (KSCA-29183)Talk
2004.03.27Pani Poni Drama CD Vol.2 Ver.SquareEnix (ENCA-1801)Talk
2004.04.23Pani Poni Drama CD Vol.3 Ver.FrontierWorks (FCCC-0014)Talk
2004.09.24Supa Supa drama CD (AFC-3017)Talk
2004.10.06DearS drama CD (LACA-5318)Talk
2004.10.22Pani Poni Second Season Vol.1 (PCCC-0024)Talk
2004.12.22Pani Poni Second Season Vol.2 (PCCC-0025)Talk
2005.02.25Pani Poni Second Season Vol.3 (PCCC-0026)Talk
2005.10.26Pani Poni Dash Character Vocal Album Gakuen Paradise (KICA-716)Song
2005.12.28Pani Poni Dash Original Soundtrack Gakuen Festival (KICA-756)Song
2006.01.25Pani Poni Dash Drama CD 1 (KICA-736)Talk
2006.02.22Pani Poni Dash Drama CD 2 (KICA-737)Talk
2006.02.22Pani Poni Dash Vocal Best Album Uta no The Best Ten (KICA-769)Song
2006.06.21Pani Poni Dash DJCD Pani Raji Dash! Vol.1 (KICA-794)Talk
2006.07.26Pani Poni Dash DJCD Pani Raji Dash! Vol.2 (KICA-795)Talk
2006.08.23Pani Poni Dash DJCD Pani Raji Dash! Vol.3 (KICA-796)Talk
2007.09.26Negima!? Best Album (KICA-842)Song
2007.12.12Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 5 (KICA-856)Song/Talk
2008.10.08Strike Witches Ending Theme Complete Collection (COCX-35207)Song
2009.02.18Rosario to Vampire Idol Cover Best (KICA-957)Song
2009.03.25Kanokon Nicebody Perfect Vocal Collection (FVCG-1087)Song
2009.04.15Strike Witches Himeuta Collection 5 (COCX-35462)Song/Talk
2010.03.31Childhood Memories (KICA-3109)Song
2010.05.26Mitsudomoe Drama CD "Densetsu no Hajimari" (LASA-5047)Talk
2010.10.20Strike Witches 2 ED Theme Collection (COCX-36422)Song
2011.04.06Mitsudomo Best (LASA-5092)Song
2011.12.21Bakemonogatari Ongaku Zenshuu (SVWC-7814 SVWC-7815)Song
2012.01.25C3 Character Song Album (KICA-3175)Song
2012.01.26Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon Original Sound Track (LACA-9227)Song
2012.03.21Strike Witches The Movie Original Soundtrack (COCX-37247)Song
2012.04.18Strike Witches The Movie Theme Song Collection (COCX-37290)Song
2013.01.09Strike Witches Movie Hime Uta Collection 2 (COCX-37652)Song/Talk
2013.06.26Namiuchigiwa no Music (KICA-3215)Song/Talk
2013.07.03Through the Camera (PCCG-1350)Song
2014.01.29Infinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.6 (LALA-5008)Talk
2014.02.26Infinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.7 (LALA-5009)Song/Talk
2016.06.08Infinite Stratos Complete Album (LALA-5011)Song
2016.12.21GirlFriend Character Song Series Vol.01 (PCCG-1575)Song
2017.04.19GirlFriend Character Song Series Vol.04 (PCCG-1594)Song

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