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    Sakakibara Yui CDs (solo)

    Yui has released the following solo CDs.

    2006.01.27Yuithm (HBMC-023)Song
    2007.09.21Princess (LTXA-003)Song
    2008.09.10Joker (KICS-1391)Song
    2009.07.03Love X Singles (LTXA-005)Song
    2009.08.26Yeeeeell (KICS-1496)Song
    2009.11.26Evergreen (QECB-91003)Song
    2010.02.03You I -Sweet Tuned by 5pb- (FVCG-1102)Song
    2010.03.26Chua Churam Vocal Collection (SPUS-21660)Song
    2011.08.24Ringing (KICS-91717)Song
    2011.12.21Revival Prophecy (FVCG-1184)Song

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