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    Takagi Miyu Internet broadcasts

    Some of the internet that Miyu has appeared in are as follows.

    2015.07.23Nanairo Run Girls x Hacka Doll Goudou niconico Namahousouhost
    2016.06.02Denjin Gacha "Taiko no Tatsujin"guest
    2016.07.07-Emiri Miyu to Isshoni "Gra Blue" [live]host
    2017.03.11WUG Channel first pre-broadcasthost
    2017.04.12WUG Channel 1host
    2017.05.10WUG Channel 3host
    2017.05.24WUG Channel 4host
    2017.07.04WUG Channel 7host
    2017.07.13Denjin Gachaguest
    2017.08.24WUG Channel WUG-chan to WUG wo Miyouhost
    2017.09.08WUG Channel 11host
    2017.09.12WUG Channel 12host
    2017.09.14Famitsu Emiri Miyo to Issho ni GraBluehost
    2017.10.14AFFT 2017 Anime 100 Shuunen Kiken Talk and Liveguest
    2017.11.04Emiri Miyu to Isshoni Game 2 [live]host
    2017.11.24WUG Channel 16host
    2017.12.06WUG Channel 17host
    2017.12.15WUG Channel 18host
    2017.12.22Granblue Fantasy Fes 2017 Day1 [live]guest
    2017.12.29WUG Channel Daibounenkaihost
    2018.01.30WUG Channel 20host
    2018.02.19WUG Channel 21host
    2018.02.28WUG Channel 22host
    2018.03.088 Gatsu no Cinderella Nine 3host
    2018.03.09Hitori WUG Channel 7host
    2018.03.31WUG Channel "WUG Love Bus Tour" broadcasthost
    2018.04.11WUG Channel 24host
    2018.04.19WUG Channel 25host
    2018.05.25WUG Channel 27host
    2018.06.15WUG Channel Wake Up Girls messagehost
    2018.08.05Brave Sword x Blade Soul Wave 7host
    2018.09.28Hacka Doll x Torikago Special Tokubanguest
    2018.10.20WUG Channel 34host
    2018.11.15WUG Channel 36host
    2018.12.23WUG Channel Saishuukai SP WUG Chan darake no Daibounenkai 2018host
    2019.01.29Anyuta Party Party Party 10guest
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