Saber Marionette Zero

The summaries of the SM Girls Gaiden Saber Marionette Zero manga (which ran in AnimeV), and a general description of Zero (the story and the characters), can be found in the section below.

[information by Kevin Lew and Yutaka Sasagawa]

General Description

SM Girls Gaiden Saber Marionette Z means "SM Girls Side Story: Saber Marionette Zero". This is probably true, as it doesn't follow the SM Girls original storyline exactly.

The place is still Romana, and it's 300 years after the first six otome kairo were created.

The premise of this story is that all marionettes in Romana were equipped with otome kairo by making copies of the original six. Over the years, these copies (naturally) deteriorated in quality, and some went berserk. Professor Kitajima tried to solve this problem. Now, her daughter (also named Professor Kitajima ^_^) is here in the woods in the search for the "Inheritance of Face", which supposedly will help resolve the situation.

Anyway, this story is named after a new Saber Marionette. Her name is Zero, a rather advanced and powerful prototype model.

Characters in Zero

There is a "Saber" (Marionette) named Kuuni. She has light, short hair, but she has a short ponytail on the side of her head (like Yumi or Emi from Irresponsible Captain Tylor). She is just like Lime, in that she's really stupid. She isn't very good at fighting, either. Apparently, her otome kairo isn't working properly, and although she's 15 years old, she's only got the mental abilities of a five year old.

Another is dark and short haired Kitajima. She's a human, and she wants to finish her father's work and find a solution to the otome kairo problem. The future of humans and marionettes depends on it. (In some of the summaries, she's called "Ki-chan" for ease of typing. She isn't called that really).

There's also Stinger. Stinger is a cyborg male, and the only other male seen in the series that I've seen besides Face. Anyway, he has cannons hidden in his forearms; his wrists snap backwards to fire.

Zero is a powerful marionette prototype which was thought to have been buried long ago. Zero has two tentacle-like appendages from her head which end in a claw like apparatus. To imagine it, just think of Washuu's lab and the stuff she uses to tie up Tenchi. ^_^;; These tentacles are unique in that she actually has to order them to do things--so they aren't just like extra arms.

By herself, Zero is as good as the Saber Marionettes of old. But she has a secret. She can absorb herself inside another android, and then she transforms into her "super" form, which is one nasty combat marionette. Basically, the other android becomes a "shell" for her, and she transforms an otome kairo into a "Z-jo kairo". The first kanji character from "otome" turns into a "Z", thus making "Z-jo". Z-jo means "zetsu-jo" which approximately means "ultimate".


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