SM Girls Gaiden Saber Marionette Zero chaper 4

Everybody wakes up in an underground cave, saved from death by having held onto wires. Ki-chan ended up sitting on one, Stinger was holding onto it with one hand, and Kuuni was, well, she was being held up only by her skirt. ^_^;;

It turns out that the wires were from the claws of Zero's tentacles, but Zero was unconscious from the previous fight.

She was dreaming about how she was a little girl (normal, no tentacles or anything), playing in a field. Then a man came and grabbed her with the tentacles you see today. She yelled, "Yamete yo, Face----!!" ("Stop it, Face!")

Then she woke up, and said that she had been dreaming. She wears Stinger's outfit, and realizes that Stinger's not human. (She asks if Stinger's a saber, or a sexadoll, and Stinger facefaults ^_^). We find out that Stinger almost died in a war 15 years ago, but was saved by Professor Kitajima. This is also where we find out about Kuuni's "otome kairo" not functioning correctly.

Back at Face's castle, Edge, Brid, and Kyanny were angry and yelling, because they were going to be scrapped. But Face didn't care about them, and Scissor, Hammer, and Pile beat them up. We learn that Face is a clone of the original. Also, we learn that Professor Kitajima died somewhere in this area.

Back at the cave, a huge tank/robot busted through a wall, and started coming at our heroes.

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