SM Girls Gaiden Saber Marionette Zero chaper 1

  • Summry version 2, by Kevin Lew, 1996.04.29
The opening scene shows the ground rumbling, and Zero emerges nude from the ground from somewhere in the forest.

Meanwhile, Kuuni is seen gasping for air, as she's been running. You discover that she's being attacked by killer androids. Kuuni uses an rocket punch to take out one of them. However, there are too many of them. She gets blasted, and all her energy is drained. Dr. Kitajima and Stinger find Kuuni, but they are soon surrounded by the androids, too.

During this time, the sexadolls Brid, Edge, and Kyanny were watching the battle below. They want to make sure humans stay away from this area.

Dr. Kitajima pulls out her gun and Stinger snaps his wrist back to ready his 20mm cannon. The situation looks bad, but they're going to put up a fight anyway.

Suddenly, a figure lands point-blank in front of Dr. Kitajima. Dr. Kitajima begins shooting her gun out of shock. Meanwhile, Edge suspects something has gone wrong, and moves closer.

You see a tentacled-girl, Zero, standing in front of Dr. Kitajima. Apparently, her gun hasn't done much other than wreck some of Zero's clothes.

Before anybody can figure out what's happening, Zero simply walks over and orders her tentacles to grab Kuuni (who's still unconscious). They do, and Zero slaps an ofuda on Kuuni's back. Kuuni's back appears to open (like a dimensional gate), and Kuuni begins crying out. Meanwhile, Zero takes off her clothes, and simply steps inside Kuuni. The ofuda closes, and there's no trace of Zero.

Dr. Kitajima asks Kunni if she's okay. However, Kuuni responds that there's something big happening inside of her. You see her otome kairo change, and suddenly "super Zero" appears.

In one huge energy blast, super Zero rips apart all the enemy androids. Dr. Kitajima goes to thank Zero, but Zero simply grabs her arm roughly and asks, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

From a distance, Edge watched this with shock and anger. She was supposed to keep Zero away from human eyes. But what she didn't understand was why Zero had helped the humans.

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