SM Girls Gaiden Saber Marionette Zero chaper 7

Omega was proceeding to trash all our heroes.

Kuuni yelled to Zero to come to her. When Zero got close to Kuuni to merge, Omega blasted off Zero's tentacles.

Omega proceeded to grab a crippled Zero, and held her by the head in the air. Zero calmly said, "You're not going to kill me are you? You said that you only wanted to 'play'." (Omega mentioned this in the last chapter, saying that she wanted to have "fun".)

Omega smiled and said, "You're right..." and threw her into a wall. She wasn't going to kill Zero. Just Kuuni. She sent a large energy blast, and Kuuni was blasted into fragments.

Omega said that one of her super powers was "device control", the ability to revive dead sabers and make new ones.

Apparently, the other new sexadolls have been destroyed sometime in the last chapter. Kitajima asks, "Are you going to make one out of three marionettes?" Omega replies, "No... *four*."

Then she used Kuuni's and the other sexadolls to create a new saber. It has the strength of four marionettes.

This new "Neo Kuuni" android attacked Zero, but she didn't retaliate. Stinger asked Zero why didn't she fight back. Zero said that she couldn't kill this new android. It was part Kuuni, after all. Anyway, without having an android host to become her super form, her current condition would only be able to fight at 60% of her total power.

Kitajima said, "If that's the case, then I'll be the other 40%."

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