SM Girls Gaiden Saber Marionette Zero chaper 6

In this chapter they changed the character designs COMPLETELY. One of the authors has changed, apparently. (Kev likes Chapter 5's designs. ^_^;)

They were interrogating Pile, who was ripped in half. Pile talks about the "Inheritance". It's a large force; it's the "Child of God". It's Face's treasure, as well as the sabers' treasure. Then, she says that the strongest will come, and that Zero won't be able to win, even though she's strong, because she's a saber. Then Zero crushed Pile's neck by stepping on it.

Face knew what had happened, and didn't like it. So he went into a dark and scary place and asked for somebody to wake up. It's some being with a crescent moon symbol on its forehead.

Meanwhile, everybody discovered the new sexadolls could regenerate! Kuuni had an unpleasant experience, as she was playing with Pile's head at the time... ^_^;;

Because of the surprise attack, nobody was ready, and Zero couldn't merge with Kuuni to become super Zero. Zero was starting to kick some butt anyway, but then there was a huge explosion.

Everybody stopped fighting, as a new entity appeared. It's some pretty being named Omega, and the sexadolls seem to respect her. By the way, she has a crescent moon on her forehead.

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