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Kitajima says to Zero, "You need to use your own power." Zero somehow sees an image of Bloodberry in her heart. She also feels that Junior is smiling at her.

The two merge, but not "completely", as Zero no longer has her tentacles to complete the normal transformation.

Omega strangely hears a voice in her head, which sounds like Lime, saying, "It's okay now."

Omega orders Neo Kuuni to attack, but Zero (really Zero-Kitajima) easily destroy her.

Furious, Omega announces that she will use her ultimate weapon, "atomic decomposition". Nothing can be revived when it has been broken down to the atomic level.

Zero calmly says that she can do it too. After all, they are actually one and the same.

Zero tells of a story that they were once one being, and were seperated into two entities by Face.

Omega's memory starts to return, and she realizes that it is true. At one point in time, "Zero-Omega" was fighting against Star Face, and then they lost.

Zero and Omega at one point in time were the ultimate power that Face couldn't control. They are the "inheritance of Face"", what everybody has been trying to find. He split this entity in two to limit her power. Their real name is actually Lime. Omega is shocked by all this, but understands.

Zero releases Kitajima, and Zero and Omega merge and are reunited into one again.

Suddenly, Face appears from nowhere. He says, "Everything's ended", and removes his mask. "I've lost to the ghost of Junior."

It turns out that the real Dr. Kitajima is still in Romana researching. There was a marionette posing for her to keep her safe. Dr. Kitajima is actually Bloodberry, from long ago, in disguise!

In a flashback, four years ago, Lime's cryogenically frozen body was stolen. Apparently, here at Face's "cemetery", he had somehow revived himself (he is a clone), and had taken Lime.

To counter this threat, Bloodberry had been revived by the people investigating Lime's disappearance.

According to Face, his objective is to get revenge on all of humanity. He had built Scissor, Hammer, Pile, and Omega to lead his army to kill all of them.

Suddenly, hundreds of marionettes appeared all over the countryside. They were Face's army. He raises his hand, about to give the order to slaughter everyone. But then he asks Bloodberry, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Bloodberry says, "I feel sorry for you, because you don't know who you *really* are."

She tells him that the reason why he stole Lime wasn't to get revenge on the humans, but to perfect the otome kairo.

If Omega was truly created to kill everyone, then he wouldn't have kept her imprisoned in the dungeon all this time. Zero has her tentacles, because this was the only way that she could make her otome kairo "perfect".

Although this is all true, and Face knows it, he continues to deny it.

Bloodberry says that he's not a human clone, even. He is only a marionette that has all the memories and knowledge of the original Face. He must have just awakened for some reason.

Face can't believe it. But he begins to self-mutilate himself in the chest. There is no blood. Only machinery. Face laughs insanely at this discovery.

Face states that all he's done was in vain. Bloodberry denies it, but Face won't listen. Face activates his self-destruct mechanism, and he's blown into bits.

Later, Stinger asks, what *was* the inheritance of Face, if it's not Zero or Omega.

Bloodberry says that all the marionettes have otome kairo. In the beginning, only three sexadolls and three marionettes had them. Now, all androids contain a copy of one. That is what is *really* Face's inheritance.

Stinger argues that the otome kairo aren't complete, they are all flawed.

Bloodberry responds that humans are the same way, and that they are far from perfect.

Apparently, otome kairo take time to mature. These androids just need more time or experience to get the way they are supposed to be.

Stinger asks if marionettes will ever become self-aware of themselves.

Bloodberry tells him to look around him.

The marionettes that had served under Face surrounded his remains crying. So they could feel some emotions, and therefore were on the road to becoming human.

Bloodberry tells Stinger not to worry about Kuuni. She will be revived, as parts of her otome kairo are still intact. Also, because of her recent experience, her otome kairo will have "matured" more, which will allow her otome kairo to be passed on to the next generation. I.e., her girl circuit is no longer as much of a flawed copy.

She says that she and Lime will go back to "sleep". "Zero" awakes and realizes that she's actually Lime.

She says that she dreamt that Junior was calling her. Stinger is surprised that androids can dream.

It has been 800 years since Dr. Lorelai built the first marionette. Marionettes and humans are still not together. The future is still unknown.

The End.

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