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Zero whipped out her tentacles, and ripped the robot apart. But the new sexadolls had still survived. Zero told Kuuni to prepare to merge (Kuuni wasn't very happy about this--I think that it does hurt a little).

Super Zero used her fist as a rocket, but Scissor simply blocked it with her hand. While everybody was amazed at how this could have happened, Hammer had snuck up behind her. Right before Zero was sliced open, a huge piece of metal smacked her in the face and she fell back, K.O.ed. Stinger had thrown his 20mm cover (from his arm) at Zero to save her. Ki-chan didn't like the use of excessive force.

Anyway, the sexadolls wanted to get rid of the "troublemaker", so Scissor grabbed Stinger from behind. Then Hammer placed her sword at his chest, while Ki-chan vainly shot at her with her puny gun. Ki-chan got smacked and went down. Zero got up just in time to see Hammer shove the sword through him.

From inside Zero, Kuuni went into shock, and the Z-jo kairo went into overdrive. Zero screamed in anguish, and she suddenly became filled with power. She dove at Hammer, and with one fierce punch, shattered her head. Stinger's body fell to the ground, as Scissor let go of him. Then, Zero went and picked up her hand (that she fired at Scissor before). She pointed her fist at Scissor again, and Scissor rose her hand to block. Then Zero fired her fist point-blank, and it blew off Scissor's hand, and went through her skull. There's an awesome shot showing the remnants of Scissor's skull with a big hole where her brain should be.

Pile wasn't fazed for long, and she showed her super power. She pulled out her tentacles and merged with the two corpses of her friends to become one huge super-being. (Just like Zero).

Zero didn't flinch, and said, basically, "Is that it?" Then she cut Super Pile in half.

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