SM Girls Gaiden Saber Marionette Zero chaper 3

Edge was going to fight Zero one on one. But they got stopped by the new sexadolls. One looks like a hulk with big hands. Another looks a SM queen with a HUGE blade for a right arm. Finally, the brains of the team is this little girl-like sexadoll with tentacles coming out of her back (like Zero). Their names are Scissor, Hammer, and Pile, respectively. Stinger was trying to protect Kuuni, but didn't notice that Hammer was behind him (the one with the arm-sword). Zero stepped in, and used her own arm to block the lethal blow.

Her body started to shatter, so Zero jumped out of her host body, and the android's remains splattered messily on the ground. Zero ordered the tentacles to grab her sexadoll opponent. She was going to merge into Hammer's body. But Pile (the little girl android) said that Zero couldn't. They didn't have otome kairo circuits!

Edge was very mad. She was surprised that Face had made sabers that didn't include his invention, the otome kairo, basically denying the existence of old saber like her.

Hammer gave a Zero a hard blow as she was distracted. Then Pile shoved her tentacles into the ground and caused the earth to cave in underneath our heroes.

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