Shawa Gohan 2

title Shawa Gohan 2
date 2016.08.12
cost free + members only
restaurant Totoya (Ikebukuro)
host Hata Sawako (»)

This was the 2nd broadcast of Shawa Gohan, hosted by Hata Sawako.

Sawako was wearing a blue and white striped one piece with collar, a white cardigan, white socks, black shoes. She had braids in her hair on both sides, and some slight curls in her hair.

Sawako said that she would like to try out some hair styles that she wouldn't be able to do by herself.

In last month's broadcast, Sawako went to eat aged beef. She said she went to the same store with Hayase Marika a couple weeks later.

When she was little, Sawako didn't like oysters. But when she went to Peking, she ate fried oysters and liked it. Since then she can eat oysters.

After 12 minutes or so, they switched to the video of Sawako walking outside. She went to Mejiro station, which was one before Ikebukuro.

The restaurant that Sawako went to was Totoya. It was a fresh fish restaurant.

Sawako ordered an awabi sashimi and steak. When she ate it, she put too much wasabi on it.

Then she ate a 7 piece sashimi set. Sawako said she likes shrimp.

Around the 31 minute mark, they switched back to the studio. Sawako rolled the die, and got a 4.

So the next station was Tabata. Sawako said she doesn't know much about Tabata.

members only broadcast

The members only video was around 13 minutes.
This video was just a continuation of the restaurant video.

Sawako ate a few more fish dishes.

Sawako said that when she was growing up, her family had a lot of fish. They only had meat a few times a month.

Sawako said that she was more relaxed in the omake video, as there weren't as many people watching the omake as the free broadcast.

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