Shawa Gohan 6

title Shawa Gohan 6
date 2016.12.09
cost free + members only
restaurant Kyuushuu Necchuuya Ohsaki Live (Osaki)
host Hata Sawako (»)
guest Yuasa Kaede

This was the 6th broadcast of Shawa Gohan.

Sawako was wearing a black sweater with a fur around her neck. Her hair was in braided twintails.

Sawako read some mails for a few minutes, and then Yuasa Kaede appeared. Kaede was the first guest on this program.

Kaede was also wearing a black sweater with fur around her neck. She also had her hair in braided twintails.

Sawako and Kaede first met around three years ago. They both sat in the corner of the recording studio, and Kaede asked Sawako out to dinner. They went to eat soba.

They said they went to buy clothes together today, and got the matching clothes.

After around 10 minutes, they switched to the outdoor video. They walked though Ohsaki at night. They walked along a river, and there was holiday illumination all around.

Then they went to a small park, and got on a seesaw. Sawako was very scared, as it was higher than she expected. Next they went to play on a slide.

After playing a while, they went back to walking through the illumination. Sawako said she goes out a lot recently, but she's always alone. Then she started feeling sad, and Kaede said she can call her anytime.

The restaurant that Sawako and Kaede went to was called Kyuushuu Nechuuya Ohsaki Live. It had Kyuushuu cooking.

The menu was like a newspaper. They ordered a lot and started eating.

They ate motsu (beef or pork internal organs), gyouza (dumplings), and horse sashimi.

At around the 34 minute mark, they switched back to the studio. Sawako rolled the die, and then Kaede played with it on the floor like a cat. The die ended up at 6.

So the next station was Yoyogi. Since they started in Shinjuku, they already went around the Yamanote-line once. The next broadcast will be January 13.

This broadcast was around 36 minutes, so it was a little longer than usual.

members only broadcast

The members only video was around 21 minutes.
This video was just a continuation of the restaurant video.

Sawako and Kaede kept eating and talking among themselves. They had sushi and nabe.

Kaede said that this was a great show, and wants to come as a guest every time.

Sawako said she is usually alone, so it's very embarassing to eat and speak to the camera by herself.