Shawa Gohan 21

title Shawa Gohan 21
date 2018.03.09
cost free + members only
restaurant Gotokutei (Nagano)
host Hata Sawako (»)

This was the 21th broadcast of Shawa Gohan. This was a special broadcast from Nagano (far away from the Yamanote Line).

It started with Sawako outside in front of Nagano Station. Sawako was wearing a black jacket and had a large pink checkered scarf around her neck. Her hair was in twintails.

Sawako went to Zenkouji Temple which was around 20 minutes from Nagano Station. She walked around and visited some stores around the temple. Then she went into the temple grounds, and went inside some of the buildings.

After around 20 minutes, Sawako went to a restuarant, Gotokutei. This was a restaurant featuring Nagano cooking.

The rest of the broadcast was like a regular broadcast where Sawako ate and read mails.

At the very end, Sawako announced that there will be an event on May 13 in Ikebukuro.

members only broadcast

The members only video was around 29 minutes.
This video was just a continuation of the restaurant video.

There was a nabe with many wild animals.. deer, boar, birds, etc.

Sawako said she had never colored her hair before. She wants to try but since her natural hair is a little brown, she would like to try something very light colored.