Shawa Gohan 19

title Shawa Gohan 19
date 2018.01.12
cost free + members only
restaurant Kakurebou Minami Aoyamaten (Harajuku)
host Hata Sawako (»)

This was the 19th broadcast of Shawa Gohan. This was the first broadcast of 2018, and it was the second "New Year" for this program.

Sawako was wearing a white, low cut, long sleeve shirt. Her hair was up, with slight curls on the sides.

Sawako talked a little about the previous broadcast, which had Marika and Junna as guests. Then she read some mails.

At around the 8 minute mark, she went to Harajuku. It was raining outside, and Sawako tried some of the popcorn that one of the viewers recommended.

Then they went to the restaurant, Kakurebou Minami Aoyamaten.

Sawako read some mails while waiting for the food. When the food came, Sawako ate and talked.

Sawako said she didn't have time to clean up her room at the end of last year. So she did a lot of cleaning (and throwing away stuff) at the beginning of this year.

They switched back to studio at around the 31 minute mark. Sawako rolled the die and got a 2, so the next station was Shinjuku. Shinjuku was the first station for this show, and Sawako recalled that she ate aged beef. She wanted to eat beef again.

members only broadcast

The members only video was around 23 minutes.
This video was just a continuation of the restaurant video.

The "main" dishes arrived. There were pork, fish, and beef dishes. Then there was a nabe with clams, oysters, and vegetables.

While waiting for the nabe to cook, Sawako said she didn't get many regular mails this month. So she asked for some questions on twitter and answered them.

Sawako said she spent too much money in the Bang Dream gacha to get the new Eve card, so can't buy any new year grab bags. She said she will wait for sales later on.

At the end, Sawako got a "unagi don" (grilled eel bowl).