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  • Shawa Gohan 22

    title Shawa Gohan 22
    date 2018.04.13
    hostHata Sawako (»)
    cost free + members only
    restaurant Shoukichi Takadanobaba (Takadanobaba)

    This was the 22nd broadcast of Shawa Gohan.

    Sawako was wearing a white long sleeve shirt, and her hair was in a pony tail.

    The last month's broadcast was a special from Nagano, so there were many mails about it. This month, Sawako is back inside the Yamanote Line, and the station for was Takadanobaba.

    In the outdoor video, Sawako was walking along the Kandagawa River, where there were a lot of sakura trees.

    The restaurant was an izakaya, Shoukichi Takadanobaba.

    Sawako read a lot of mails at the restaurant. She talked about the event on May 13, and she said she still hasn't decided what she was going to do.

    Then the food came. The first dish was fried bean sprouts. Sawako said she likes fried bean sprouts, and can eat a lot.

    Sawako said she cant eat as much oily foods as before.

    Sawako she eats the skin of fried fish. She also eats the bones if it's not too tough. So for some fried fish dishes, there's nothing left on the plate after Sawako gets done eating.

    After eating some dishes, the main dish (a big nabe) came. But Sawako switched back to the studio.

    Sawako rolled the die for the next station. She got a 5, so the station will be Komagome.

    At the end, Sawako also announced that Hayase Marika will be a guest at her event on May 13.

    members only broadcast

    The members only broadcast was around 17 minutes.

    Sawako said she wasn't wearing her contacts today.

    Sawako read lots of mails (over 12 minutes), and ate during the last 5 minutes.

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