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    Kanemoto Hisako CDs

    Some of the CDs that Hisako has released or appeared in are listed below.

    Solo CDs

    Hisako has released the following solo CDs.

    2012.01.11Invader (LASA-35110)Song

    Miscellaneous CDs

    Hisako appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

    2011.02.09Kore ha Zombie Desuka? Drama CD (VTCL-60237)Talk
    2011.06.08Shinryaku! Ika Musume Drama CD 2 (LHCA-5128)Song/Talk
    2011.08.10Pure Songs Zero @ Dream Club (D3PR-0015)Song
    2012.07.04Koreha Zombie desuka? of the Dead Drama CD (VTCL-60312)Talk
    2012.07.04Koreha Zombie desuka? of the Dead Mecha Festibo- (VTCL-60310 VTCL-60311)Song
    2013.07.03Through the Camera (PCCG-1350)Song
    2014.03.26Saikin Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiindaga Original Soundtrack (LACA-9340)Song
    2017.06.21GirlFriend Character Song Series Vol.06 (PCCG-1596)Song
    2018.06.27Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection Vol.1 (BRMM-10123)Song
    2019.09.25Bang Dream! Film Live Gekichuuka Collection (BRMM-10210)Song

    CD Singles

    Hisako appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    2010.10.27Shinryaku no Susume (LHCM-31082)Song
    2010.12.15Kore ga umi he no Ai janaIKA (LHCM-1085)Song
    2011.04.20Iika Iikaha Iidegeso (LHCM-1090)Song
    2011.07.06Ika Ice Tabenaika (LHCM-31093)Song
    2011.11.16Kimi wo Shirukoto (LASM-34116)Song
    2013.04.24Smile F (PCCG-70176)Song
    2014.02.12Binkan Attention (LACM-14175)Song
    2017.08.23Gamers (GNCA-0499)Song
    2017.09.06That Is How I Roll (BRMM-10097)Song
    2018.01.31Hey Day Capriccio (BRMM-10107)Song

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