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    Matsumoto Rica events

    Some of the events that Rica has appeared in are as follows.

    1992.08.22Raijin Oh event in Osaka
    1992.08.23Raijin Oh event in Nagoya
    1992.08.30Raijin Oh event in Suginami Koukaidou
    1994.02.13Dirty Pair Flash in Shinseido Ogikubo
    1994.02.28Shin Cutey Honey event
    1994.03.29Something Dreams 1994
    1994.04.02VAP Event
    1994.08.21Pioneer OAV Festival 94
    1995.04.23Princess Minerva in Tokyo
    1995.05.04Fam and Ihrlie
    1995.07.22Voice Actor Super in Ikebukuro
    1995.08.05Anime Seiyuu Daikoushin Matsumoto Rica Destiny
    1995.08.12[13:00/16:00] Pretty Sami event
    1995.08.14Bandai Character Festival Tonde Buurin
    1995.08.21Bandai Character Festival Tonde Buurin
    1995.11.23Gamer's Night public recording
    1996.01.13Emotion Festival Zero
    1997.01.11Emotion Festival 1997 in Suginami Koukaidou
    1997.04.27Rica Band live
    1997.05.07Shibuya de Chu part 2
    1997.06.22Matsumoto Rica with Pocket Monsters
    1998.01.18Ginza Voice Of Animation 2 -What about Perfect Blue-
    1998.11.07Outlaw Star unaired episodes showing
    1998.12.29Anime Kouhaku Utagassen
    1999.02.07Idol and Anime Card Festival 99
    1999.07.08Fan Letters in Theater Tops
    1999.12.27Anime Kouhaku Utagassen
    2000.09.17Maronie Special Live
    2000.10.22Senkaiden Houshinengi event in Hitotsubashi Hall
    2001.04.07Pokemon Pika Pika Concert 2001
    2001.04.08Pokemon Pika Pika Concert 2001
    2001.04.22Matsumoto Rica & Kageyama Hironobu Joint Live
    2001.06.02Ecolife Fair 2001
    2001.06.09[14:00] Rica The Best event in Ishimaru Soft One
    2001.06.09[14:45] Rica The Best event in Ishimaru Honten 6F
    2001.06.09[15:30] Rica The Best event in Ishimaru 3 Goukan
    2001.06.09[16:15] Rica The Best event in Yamagiwa Soft
    2001.06.09[17:00] Rica The Best event in Yamagiwa Anime Kan
    2001.06.09[19:00] Rica The Best talk event in Shinjuku Tower Records
    2001.06.10[18:00] Rica The Best mini live in Shinseido Landmark Plaza
    2001.07.07Pocket Monster movie talk at Yuurakuchou Nichigeki Toho
    2001.08.12Anime Japan Fes 2001 Super Robo Spirits 2001
    2002.02.16[13:30] Sinseiki Tokyo Kokusai Anime Fair 21
    2002.03.30[13:10] Character Entertainment Convention main stage
    2002.03.31Nagoya TV Matsuri
    2002.07.07Pocket Monster movie showing in Hitotsubashi Hall
    2002.07.28[14:30] Kodomo no Tameno Ongakkai in Sagami Ohno Green Hall
    2002.08.10[18:00] Anime Japan Fes 2002 JAM Project
    2002.08.31[15:30] anime+nation in Zepp Tokyo
    2002.10.06[18:00] Tokyo Anime Song Station No.1 in Zepp Tokyo
    2002.10.13Autobacs Cars Expo opening ceremony
    2002.11.30Super Robot Taisen Kanshasai 2002 in Roppongi
    2003.03.23Haru no Family Carnival in Tochigi
    2003.05.03[13:00/15:00] TVK Housing Plaza event
    2003.09.28[18:30] JAM Project 3rd Live
    2003.11.08[15:00] "Desert Grass and Forest" CD event in Sagami Ohno
    2003.11.09[14:00] "Desert Grass and Forest" CD event in Yamano Gakki Landmark
    2003.11.15[14:30/18:30] Ani Song Matsuri in Chiba Bunkakaikan
    2003.11.23[18:00] Tricycle first live
    2003.11.30AM Kobe Ousama Radio Kids public recording
    2004.06.19[14:30] Anime Song Festa in Itabashiku Bunkakaikan Dai Hall
    2004.10.17[13:30] Seishun Rajimenia public recording
    2005.01.20[18:30] Anime de Sukuou! Charity Concert at Shibuya AX
    2005.04.27[18:45] Anime Shudaika Daizenshuu in NHK Hall
    2005.05.15[17:00] TV Saitama Hot Wave Public Recording
    2005.11.23[16:00] Yoyogit Animation School audition 2005
    2006.07.08[16:30] Animelo Summer Live 2006 -Outride-
    2006.07.29[14:00] CD "Kiseki" talk and handshake Animate Nagoya
    2006.08.27[15:30] CD "Kiseki" talk mini live
    2007.07.07[16:00] Animelo Summer Live 2007 Generation-A
    2007.08.07[0:00/13:00/16:00] Pikachuu The Live
    2007.08.18[24:30] "Yukaina Nakamatachi" Cosutte Cosutte 300pun
    2007.10.18[19:00] TAM Showcase Live! Jump to Asia! Anime Songs Night
    2008.02.02[17:00] JAM Project Live Tour Japan Flight 2008 No Border in Toda
    2008.03.30[13:00] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Main Stage
    2009.11.28[17:00] Matsumoto Rica Birthday Live
    2009.12.31[22:00] Anisong Kouhaku 2009
    2010.12.31[22:00] AniSong Kouhaku 2010 at New Pier Hall
    2011.12.10[17:00] Yonekura Chihiro Christmas Live
    2011.12.31[22:00] Kingrun Anison Kouhaku 2011
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