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    Sakura Ayane Internet broadcasts

    Some of the Internet broadcasts that Ayane has appeared in are as follows.

    2012.11.082.5 Jigen Terebi broadcast 10 [live]guest
    2016.09.14Battle Spirits [JOQR A&G live]guest
    2016.12.02Occultic Nine niconama Sky Sensorguest
    2017.01.05Seiren Episode 1 Chokuzen Niconamahost
    2017.02.02Seiren Miyamae Touru hen Totsunyuu Niconamahost
    2017.02.11JAEP02017 Project LayereD [live]guest
    2017.10.01758 Times 01guest
    2018.01.14Girlpa Radio with Afterglow in Girlpa Tokyo [live]guest
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