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    Sakura Ayane CDs

    Some of the CDs that Ayane has released or appeared in are listed below.

    Solo CDs

    Ayane has not released any solo CDs.

    Miscellaneous CDs

    Ayane appears (sings/talks) in the following CDs.

    2014.08.27Gochi Usa Blend (GNCA-1418)Song
    2016.02.24Music Judgement (COCX-39376)Song
    2016.04.27START (VTCL-35228)Song
    2017.06.21GirlFriend Character Song Series Vol.06 (PCCG-1596)Song
    2017.12.06Gochi Usa -Dear My Sister- Duetsong Album (GNCA-1516)Song

    CD singles

    Ayane appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    2011.01.26Yume to Kibou to Ashita no Atashi (PCCG-70099)Song
    2012.07.25Heavenly Lover (LACM-4952)Song
    2012.08.15Oato ga Yoroshikutte Yo! (KICM-3250)Song
    2012.09.26Kono Nakani Hitori Imouto ga Iru Character Song Vol.2 (LACM-4992)Song/Talk
    2014.05.28Daydream Cafe (GNCA-330)Song
    2014.05.28Daydream Cafe (GNCA-331)Song
    2014.06.20Gochuumon ha Usagi desuka? Character Song 1 (GNCA-0337)Song
    2014.06.20Gochuumon ha Usagi desuka? Character Song 2 (GNCA-0338)Song
    2015.02.14Militarism! (STCH-7)Song
    2015.04.22Seishun ha Non-Stop (PCCG-70250)Song
    2015.05.13Have a Nice Music! [Plasmagica] (PCCG-70251)Song
    2015.07.01Takarabako no Jet Coaster (GNCA-0390)Song
    2015.07.15Steal My Believe (LACM-14369)Song/Talk
    2015.09.09Okaeri (LACM-14380)Song
    2015.11.11No Poi! (GNCA-0400)Song
    2016.08.24Pop Girls/Unlock (VTCL-35238)Song
    2016.08.27Gochuumon ha Usagi desuka? Character Song Series 01 Cocoa (GNCA-0451)Song
    2016.10.12Heart wo Wock [Plasmagica] (PCCG-70330)Song
    2017.09.06That Is How I Roll (BRMM-10097)Song
    2017.11.11Sekai ga Cafe ni Nacchatta (GNCA-0515)Song
    2017.11.22Gochi Usa -Dear My Sister- Character Song 2 (GNCA-0517)Song
    2018.01.31Hey Day Capriccio (BRMM-10107)Song

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