Toyoshima Machiko CD-ROMs

Some of the CD-ROMs that Machiko has appeared in are as follows.

1997.04.11Sentimental Graffiti First Window [Sega Saturn]movie
1997.12.24Sentimental Graffiti Desktop Collection [Win]voice
1998.01.22Sentimental Graffiti Second Window [Sega Saturn]movie
1998.01.29RadioROM Brunch vol. 1 [Win]movie, image, voice
1998.02.26RadioROM Brunch vol. 2 [Win]movie, image, voice
1998.03.26RadioROM Brunch vol. 3 [Win]movie, image, voice
1998.04.10Dengeki B-Magazine 1998 May CD-ROM [Win/Mac]movie
1998.04.30RadioROM Brunch vol. 4 [Win]movie, image, voice
1998.04.endSentimental Graffiti Desktop Accessory [Win95]voice
1998.05.28RadioROM Brunch vol. 5 [Win]movie, image, voice
1998.06.28RadioROM Brunch vol. 6 [Win]movie, image, voice
1998.07.30RadioROM Brunch vol. 7 [Win]movie, image, voice
1998.08.28RadioROM Brunch vol. 8 [Win]movie, image, voice
1998.09.28RadioROM Brunch vol. 9 [Win]movie, image, voice
1998.10.28RadioROM Brunch vol. 10 [Win]movie, image, voice
1998.11.20Sentimental Journey -12 Toshi 12 Shoujo Monogatari-movie
1998.11.28RadioROM Brunch vol. 11 [Win]movie, image, voice
1998.12.28RadioROM Brunch vol. 12 [Win]movie, image, voice
2000.07.27Sentimental Graffiti Third Window [Dreamcast]interview

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