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  • Search results for "Inoue Marina" in cd database

    TalkLune Moon 2 (SVWC-7286), 2005.09.21Inoue Marina (Τ)
    TalkLune Moon 3 (SVWC-7290), 2005.11.02Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongManabi Straight Original Soundtrack Ensemble I (KICA-831) 2007.02.21Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongManabi Straight Kira Kira Happy Festa! (KICA-839) 2007.04.04Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongManabi Straight Original Soundtrack Ensemble II (KICA-851), 2007.05.16Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongZetsubou Sensei Kayou Daizenshuu (KICA-891) 2007.11.21Inoue Marina (Τ)
    Song/TalkMahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 5 (KICA-856), 2007.12.12Inoue Marina (Τ)
    TalkZetsubou Gekijou (KICA-885) 2008.01.16Inoue Marina (Τ)
    TalkMinamike Drama CD (KICA-897) 2008.01.23Inoue Marina (Τ)
    TalkHayate no Gotoku! Drama CD 2 (GNCA-1121) 2008.03.07Inoue Marina (Τ)
    TalkHayate no Gotoku! Drama CD 3 (GNCA-1122) 2008.03.21Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongZoku Zetsubou Gekiban Senshuu (KICA-899) 2008.03.26Inoue Marina (Τ)
    TalkMinamike Okawari Drama CD (KICA-905) 2008.05.14Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongZetsubou Daisatsukai (KICA-900) 2008.05.14Inoue Marina (Τ)
    Talk/SongSplendide Shana Vol 3 (GNCA-1156) 2008.05.23Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongHaru Natsu Aki Toujou! (KICM-946) 2008.12.17Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongHayate the Combat Butler Character Cover CD (GNCA-1179) 2009.03.06Inoue Marina (Τ)
    TalkAkane iro ni Somaru Saka Original Drama (LACA-5867) 2009.03.25Inoue Marina (Τ)
    TalkMinamike Okaeri Drama CD (KICA-971) 2009.04.22Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongMinamike Character Song Best Album (KICA-980) 2009.07.23Inoue Marina (Τ)
    Song/TalkHayate the Combat Butler! Character CD 2nd Series 07 (GNCA-1227) 2009.09.30Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongZan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Character Song Album IT DEPAIRED (KICA-989) 2009.09.30Inoue Marina (Τ)
    Song/TalkUmineko no Nakukoroni Character Song Vol.1 (FCCM-0290) 2009.10.07Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongKampfer Character Song Album (LACA-5988) 2010.01.27Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongMahou Sensei Negima! Mou Hitotsu no Sekai Theme Song Collection (KICA-3133) 2010.11.17Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongInfinite Stratos Original Soundtrack (LACA-15107) 2011.03.23Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongUta Nanka Zenzen Utaitaku Nain Dakarane! (KICA-3136) 2011.03.23Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongMaria Holic Alive (ZMCZ-7130) 2011.05.25Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongRio Super Best! (KECH-1582) 2011.07.27Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongInfinite Stratos Vocal Collection Album (LACA-15195) 2012.03.14Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongShining Blade Character Song Album (KICA-3193) 2012.04.25Inoue Marina (Τ)
    TalkSuperiority Shana III vol.2 (100278889) 2012.04.25Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongBoku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next Original Soundtrack (ZMCZ-8373) 2013.03.27Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongDate A Music First Half (COCX-37970) 2013.06.05Inoue Marina (Τ)
    TalkInfinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.4 (LALA-5004) 2013.07.31Inoue Marina (Τ)
    TalkInfinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.6 (LALA-5008) 2014.01.29Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongDate A "Impressive" Music (COCX-38577) 2014.07.23Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongDate A "Happy" Music (COCX-38647) 2014.08.20Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongMusic Judgement (COCX-39376) 2016.02.24Inoue Marina (Τ)
    SongInfinite Stratos Complete Album (LALA-5011), 2016.06.08Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongManabi Straight Character Mini Album Uehara Mutsuki (KICA-801), 2006.11.08Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongHito toshite jiku ga bureteiru (KICM-3152) 2007.08.22Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongZessei Bijin (KICM-3153) 2007.09.26Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongManabi Straight VII DVD+CD (KIBA-91393), 2007.10.10Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongKeikenchi Jousouchuu (KICM-3158) 2007.10.24Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongColorful Days (KICM-3159) 2007.11.21Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongKokoro no Tsubasa (KICM-3160) 2008.01.23Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongKuusou Rumba (KICM-3162) 2008.01.23Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongSono Koe ga Kikitakute (KICM-3161) 2008.02.06Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongMarionette (KICM-3163) 2008.02.27Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongSekirei (SVWC-7563) 2008.07.23Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongKiryuu Tsukasa (LACM-4547) 2008.12.25Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongKeikenchi Sokujoujou (KICM-3186) 2009.01.21Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongZettai Colorful Sengen (KICM-3187) 2009.01.21Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongKimi ni Mune kyun (ZMCZ-4482) 2009.02.11Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongRingo Mogire Beam (KICM-3192) 2009.07.23Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongYakusoku I'm with You (SVWC-7656) 2009.11.04Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongOne Way Ryouomoi (LACM-4662) 2009.11.11Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongHakuyoku no Seiyaku (SVWC-7703) 2010.07.21Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongAriari Mirai (KICM-3224) 2011.01.26Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongSekai to Issho ni Mawarouyo (KECH-9008) 2011.01.26Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongSuper Stream (LACM-4780) 2011.02.16Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongZannenkei Rinjinbu (ZMCZ-7463) 2011.10.26Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongWatashi no Kimochi (ZMCZ-7464) 2011.11.25Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongKyoukaisenjou no Horizon The Repertory 01 (LACM-4878) 2012.04.18Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongKyuusekkin Lucky Days (KICM-1437) 2013.01.23Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongShiawase High Tension (KICM-1436) 2013.01.23Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongBe My Friend (ZMCZ-8371) 2013.02.06Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongBokura no Tsubasa (ZMCZ-8372) 2013.02.06Inoue Marina (Τ)
    single SongColoration (LALM-4005) 2014.03.05Inoue Marina (Τ)

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