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    The following are the anime, seiyuu, idol, and cosplayer related events that I have been to recently, as a normal human.. (or events that normal humans can go to)

    The following are the events that I went to since 2014.

    date event
    2015.08.09 Venus Project Live Challenge to The Legends vol.1
    2015.08.21 Venus Project OP/ED/BD handshake event
    2015.09.20 Tokyo Game Show 2015 Konami Booth
    2015.09.22 Venus Project Live Challenge to The Legends vol.2
    2015.09.23 Venus Project Premium Live
    2015.09.26 Digital Studio Event: Creator Atsumare!
    2015.10.10 AOP Aki no Dai Battle Kai "Venus Project"
    2015.10.20 Dark Kingdom: Hanana Mio no Feel the Magic
    2015.10.25 Venus Project Live Challenge to The Legends vol.3
    2015.11.26 Anime Pia Channel public broadcast
    2015.11.27 Venus Project Live Vol.5
    2015.12.06 Monster Gear tournament in Sega Fan Kanshasai
    2015.12.26 Venus Project Bunkasai Event
    2016.01.24 Shinken! x Shirobaco Cafe Shinshun Standing Live
    2016.03.19 Shinken! x Shirobaco Cafe Extra
    2016.03.21 Zettai Seiiki -Sanctuary- at wktk Theatre Osaka
    2016.03.21 Aba Fes at Misono Universe
    2016.03.24 Anime Pia Channel broadcast Ameba Studio
    2016.03.27 Anime Paradise in Tohoku
    2016.04.02 Venus Project Megameeting 4 Gatsu
    2016.05.01 Venus Project Megameeting 5 Gatsu
    2016.06.05 Venus Project Megameeting 6 Gatsu
    2016.06.11 Hanana Mio ga Nankayaru
    2016.07.31 Shinken! x Shirobaco Cafe Seiyuu Special Live
    2016.08.20 Venus Project Jikkengata 2.5Jigen Megami Live
    2016.08.27 24 Jikan TV Sunshine Sakae stage talk show
    2016.09.02 Lumine de Nani yaru? 2
    2016.09.10 Ani*Mix Fes -Utage-
    2016.09.17 Tokyo Game Show 2016 Derby Stallion Masters
    2016.09.24 Venus Project Jikkengata 2.5Jigen Megami Live
    2016.09.28 Short Short Roudoku and Sokkyou Live
    2016.10.23 Venus Project Jikkengata 2.5Jigen Megami Live
    2016.10.29 Kariya Anime Collection
    2016.11.04 Tou Channel The King of Fighters XIV tournament
    2016.11.16 Valiant Knights Fes
    2016.11.19 Sega Fes

    There is also a list of kigurumi and live action shows that I have gone to.

    I have also gone to some special "events" as not-so-normal human.. (^_^;)

    My total event count history (per month) is also available.

    event reports


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