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    Hayashibara Megumi CDs (solo)

    Megumi has released the following solo CDs.

    1991.03.21Half & Half (KICS-100)Song
    1991.04.25Nijiiro Ren'ai (PSCX-1024)Song
    1992.03.05Whatever (KICS-176)Song
    1992.08.05Perfume (KICS-215)Song
    1993.08.21Shamrock (KICS-345)Song
    1994.07.02Sphere (KICS-430)Song
    1994.12.21Pulse (TYCY-5413)Song
    1995.03.03Enfleurage (KICS-475)Song
    1996.11.01Bertemu (KICS-590)Song
    1997.08.06Iravati (KICS-640)Song
    1999.10.27Fuwari (KICS-755)Song
    2000.04.26Vintage S (KICS-790)Song
    2000.06.21Vintage A (KICS-810)Song
    2001.03.30Evangelion The Birthday of Rei Ayanami ()Song
    2002.06.26Feel Well (KICS-90956)Song
    2004.01.07Center Color (KICS-1070)Song
    2007.04.21Plain (KICS-91303 KICS-91304)Song
    2011.06.11Vintage White (KICS-91670)Song
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