Mahou de Night

I i Music Magic 今夜もパーティー魔法でナイト (Mahou de Night) is a weekly radio show broadcast on Isehara FM (85.7 MHz), a very small local radio station, at 22:00 to 24:00 on Saturday evenings. However, each broadcast is also broadcast on the Internet, at as an asf file (Windows only). They keep the current broadcast on the net for one week.

This radio show is a 2 hour talk show about music, and they usually play 6 or 7 songs during the show. The main hosts are Papa (a musician, producer) and DJ Boo. The assistant personality, starting with the 6/16 broadcast is Makio, Makiguchi Youko (巻口容子). Makio was the personality until the 12/22 broadcast.

There is also a musician guest at the one hour mark, for a 20 minute talk with Papa.

Some of the summaries of the broadcasts are as follows.

date guest
2001.03.17 White Che
2001.06.16 B4-001
2001.06.23 Link Link Link
2001.06.30 Z1
2001.07.07 Tati
2001.07.21 6/28 event
2001.07.28 Nakanishi Miku
2001.08.18 Ace File
2001.09.01 Pink Girl
2001.09.29 Akino Hitomi
2001.11.10 Jasmine
2001.12.08 Digicco, Nakanishi Miku
2001.12.15 LaLaLu

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