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    Kugimiya Rie CDs (single)

    Rie appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    2002.04.17Hajimeteshimasho "Rizerumine" (PCCG-70002)Song
    2004.02.04Love or Unlimited (NECM-12067)Song
    2007.10.24Zero no Tsukaima Character CD3 (SCDC-00584)Talk
    2007.10.24Zero no Tsukaima Character CD4 (SCDC-00585)Talk
    2008.03.21Hayate no Gotoku! Character CD 11 (GNCA-65)Song/Talk
    2008.03.26Rosario to Vampire Character Song 4 (KICM-3170)Song
    2008.03.26Rosario to Vampire Character Song 6 (KICM-3172)Song
    2008.08.06Gomen ne (COCC-16162)Song
    2008.09.03Zero no Tsukaima -Princess no Rondo- Character CD1 (COCX-35138)Song/Talk
    2008.10.22Preparade (KICM-3184)Song
    2008.10.29Kemeko Deluxe! (GNCA-0126)Song
    2008.11.05Katagiri Yuuhi (LACM-4543)Song
    2008.11.26Rosario to Vampire CAPU2 Character Song 5 (KICM-3181)Song
    2008.11.26Rosario to Vampire CAPU2 Character Song 7 (KICM-3183)Song
    2009.01.28Orange (KICM-3185)Song
    2009.05.27Complete (KICM-1280)Song
    2009.05.27Netsuretsu Kangei Wonderland (LASM-4005)Song
    2009.07.22Shikakui Uchuu de Matteruyo (LACM-4022)Song
    2009.08.05Kimi he to Tsunagu Kokoro (KICM-1286)Song
    2009.08.25Queen's Blade Character Song Melona (ZMCZ-4624)Song/Talk
    2009.09.09Karakoi -Dakara Shoujo ha Koi wo Suru- (GNCA-0140)Song
    2009.10.14Kaze ni Dakarete (SVWC-7652)Song
    2009.10.23Buddy Body (ZMCZ-4614)Song
    2010.01.27Love X Heaven (LHCM-1074)Song
    2010.11.10Koi ni Sesse Tooryanse (LACM-4757)Song
    2011.02.09Smoky Thrill (COCC-16442)Song
    2011.08.10Ready!! (COZC-583)Song
    2011.08.17Onnanokotte Maji Chou Angel (PCCR-90047)Song
    2011.11.09Change!! (COZC-597)Song
    2012.02.01Kiss Shite Agenai (COCC-16544)Song
    2012.10.24Koi-Ken Music Box (LACA-15241)Song
    2012.12.26Here I Am Here We Are (GNCA-0255)Song
    2013.03.06Petit Idolm@ster Twelve Season! Vol.9 (MFCZ-1036)Song/Talk
    2017.07.26The Idolm@ster Million The@ter Generation 01 (LACM-14631)Song
    2017.12.22The IDOLM@STER Stella Master 00 ToP!!! (COCC-17401)Song

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