Di Gi Charat episode 1

Episode Di Gi Charat Episode 1
Title でじこが来たにょ
[Digiko ga Kita nyo]
Aired 1999.11.29
  • Summary version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.12.04

Digiko (pronounced Dejiko), Petiteko (pronounced Puchiko), and Gema arrived on earth in their space ship. They landed in Akihabara. Digiko wanted to become a great actress.

Digiko wanted to live in their space ship, but Gema said that they had to put it away. So they went out to look for a place to live. But everything was way too expensive, and they didn't have any money.

Then the manager of a store found Digiko and the gang wandering in the streets. He took them to the store and offered them a room above the store. He was going to offer it for free, but Gema said that it wouldn't be nice to stay for free. (The Digiko beat up Gema for saying that.) So the manager said that they can work in the store, and then they wouldn't have to pay rent.

Meanwhile, someone in the shadows was laughing..

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