Di Gi Charat episode 7

Episode Di Gi Charat Episode 7
Title ゲマゲマプシュー
[Gema Gema Pushuu]
Aired 1999.12.08
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.12.08

Digiko was in the store. She saw the two Takurous in the store, and thought that the store attracted a lot of weird people. Digiko thought about making a doujinshi about the two Takurous (male and male perverted), and selling it to make a lot of money.

Gema came by, and figured out what Digiko was thinking about. She said that Digiko shouldn't do that. Then Digiko bounced Gema around like a basketball, and punted it into the river. Both Takurous said that Digiko shouldn't use violence.

Then a giant yellow ball (Gema) appeared in the city. It chased Digiko and Puchiko around. Then Puchiko thought that she had no reason to be chased by Gema, and she stopped running. Gema just went after Digiko.

Giant Gema had Digiko cornered against a wall. She smashed up to her with her soft yellow body. Digiko thought it was gross. Then Gema said that she had to go take a leak.

When Gema came back, she was normal size again. Then Digiko blasted Gema with her eye laser beam.

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