Di Gi Charat episode 12

Episode Di Gi Charat Episode 12
Title 怪獣・その他現る
[Kaijuu, Sonota Arawaru]
Aired 1999.12.16
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.02.19

Digiko was in Gamers, feeling very bored. She was hoping something exciting would happen, such as a monster invading the city. Then a monster appeared and started destroying the city.

Digiko and Puchiko were out on the street watching the monster as everyone was running around scared. Gema and Rabi-en-Rose told Digiko to use her eye beam to defeat the monster. But Digiko didn't feel like it. So Rabi-en-Rose went out (fully armed) and flew up toward the monster. But the monster blasted her with a fire beam from his mouth.

Digiko finally started to move. She went to a pile of garbage, as she was thinking of attacking it with dirty stuff. Gema started pouring hot water on the garbage, making it smell very bad.

Meanwhile, an alien (from another planet) appeared.. but nobody was paying attention.

Digiko and Puchiko started throwing the garbage, and rotten milk, at the monster. Then Digiko got ready to finish the monster off with her eye beam. Digiko fired, but the beam just bounced off the monster!

Digiko and the others were shocked. Just then the yellow teddy bear-like creature in the box flew up toward the monster. Digiko was shouting out that it was dangerous. But the creature opened his mouth, and swallowed the giant monster.

Later, the space alien was in Gamers, asking about the little Digiko doll.

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