Di Gi Charat episode 13

Episode Di Gi Charat Episode 13
Title とりつかれたにょ〜
[Toritsukareta nyo..]
Aired 1999.12.20
  • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.02.21

Digiko was sleeping in her futon. Gema tried to wake her up, but Digiko said that she was a clam in a shell. The previous night Digiko ate a clam miso soup, without eating the clams. So the spirit of the clams had taken over her body.

Rabi-en-Rose came over, and tried to wake Digiko up. She did a flying kick into Digiko's futon, but Digiko still didn't come out of the "shell".

Then Kimura Takurou came over. He said that they needed an exorcist to get rid of the spirit. He brought Minagawa Takurou, who said that he had studied exorcism a little.

Takurou did his ritual, and then hit Digiko with a stick. Then Digiko's eyes became normal, and Digiko woke up like nothing had happened.

Then they discovered that Puchiko had been taken over by a spirit of a snail. They all looked at Takurou, but he said that he can only do the exorcism for the spirit of clams.

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