Di Gi Charat episode 10

Episode Di Gi Charat Episode 10
Title ニセでじこ現る
[Nise Digiko Arawaru]
Aired 1999.12.14
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.12.17

At night, Minagawa Takurou was on his way home after school. He was hungry, so he pulled out a melon-pan that he had bought. Just as he was going to eat it, someone came by and took it from him. This person had cat ears and a bell. This person also said, "nyo".

The next day Takurou was at the store and was accusing Digiko of stealing his bread. But Digiko said that she wouldn't do such a thing. Hikaru and Puchiko also accused Digiko.

Then the other Takurou came, and told his story of what happened the previous night. He had eaten too much, and could hardly move. Then he bumped into someone with cat ears. He heard a ringing of a bell, and then that person farted on him.

Digiko denied that too.

Gema said that she was sleepy and had slept early. Puchiko said that she was taking a bath, so she didn't know if Digiko had gone out.

Then Digiko brought out some candy, and asked people to believe her. Gema pointed out that this was bribery.

Just then a large, fat person in a cat girl outfit with a bell came by, took Digiko's candy, and ate it.

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