Di Gi Charat episode 9

Episode Di Gi Charat Episode 9
Title それなりにロマンチック
[Sorenari ni Romantic]
Aired 1999.12.13
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.02.19

Minagawa Takurou was coming home from school. But he was having stomach pains, as he ate some food that he picked up from the ground.

Then a purple haired girl wearing a blue seifuku and glasses came by. She gave Takurou some medicine, to cure his stomach. They were sitting on a park bench, but the girl got up and ran off. But the girl dropped her earring, which had small dice.

Later Takurou was walking down the street, and got hit by a huge die. It was one of Rabi-en-Rose's die that had fallen off. Rabi-en-Rose apologized to Takurou. Takurou then thanked her for helping him with his stomach ache, and gave her the earring that she had dropped.

Then Takurou asked why she had dice in her hair. Rabi-en-Rose told him her story.

When she was little, her parents left to go to the USA. Hikaru's father gave her some dice. Hikaru asked why it was dice, but her parents just laughed and went off.

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