Di Gi Charat episode 6

Episode Di Gi Charat Episode 6
Title ֤ߥ֡
[Bukimi Buu]
Aired 1999.12.07
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.12.08

Digiko and Usada Hikaru were fighting (battling) with mops, using the mops like swords. Hikaru jumped, and landed on Digiko's mop. But then the mop broke. All this fighting was taking place inside the store.

The store manager broke up the fight, and he asked Digiko to go out shopping for him. Then Digiko went out. But when she was walking outside, her tail fell off. (Digiko's tail had been knocked loose in the previous battle with Hikaru.) Digiko didn't notice it.

Then the two otakus (chubby guy and skinny guy) found the tail. The recognized it as Digiko's and started to fight over it. They both rolled into a hole in the ground, and headed towards hell.

The devil asked for Digiko's tail. He said that he would give the otakus anything they wanted. But they said that they would be honest and give the tail back to Digiko.

Meanwhile, Digiko got back to the store, and Puchiko noticed that Digiko had lost her tail. She ordered Digiko to find her tail, but just at that moment the two otaku came into the store. They gave the tail back to Digiko, and then introduced themselves. Their names were Takeshi () and Yoshimi (). But Digiko read their names together as "bukimi".
[bukimi means eerie, weird]
[ can be read "bu", can be read "ki", and can be read "mi"]

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