Di Gi Charat episode 5

Episode Di Gi Charat Episode 5
Title Ӥ
Aired 1999.12.06
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.12.10

A guy with long hair came to the store. He heard Digiko speaking. (Digiko ends all of her sentences by adding a "nyo".)

The guy introduced himself as Takurou. He said that Digiko shouldn't destroy speech by adding a "nyo". But Digiko kept talking that way, and said that she wouldn't change.

Then he heard Gema speaking. (Gema adds "gema" to the end of all of her sentences.)

Then Takurou spotted Puchiko. He thought Puchiko was the cutest thing.. but he heard Puchiko say "nyu", and was shocked. Then Takurou asked how much Puchiko was (wanting to buy her ^_^;). Digiko said that Puchiko wasn't for sale.

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