Di Gi Charat episode 8

Episode Di Gi Charat Episode 8
Title ビームが出ないにゅ…
[Beam ga Denainyu...]
Aired 1999.12.09
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.02.19

Puchiko was by the riverbed, practicing her eye beam. But the beams weren't coming out. (Lots of other garbage were..)

Then Kimura Takurou came by. He said in order for the eye beam to come out, Puchiko's "anger level" has to be high.

The night, Digiko and Gema were fighting. Then Digiko let out her eye beam, and blasted Gema. Puchiko saw this and thought that she should practice raising her "anger level".

When they were sleeping that night, Digiko accidentally kicked Puchiko. Puchiko pushed Digiko away. But Digiko kicked Puchiko again. So Puchiko stacked a lot of things on top of Digiko (a table, TV, etc).

Puchiko went next to a wall, thinking she can sleep in peace there. But Gema started bouncing around (in her sleep) and crashed into Puchiko. Then Puchiko shot her with her eye beam. Puchiko was very happy.

The next day, Puchiko was by the riverbed again, practicing her eye beam. But it wasn't working. Takurou came again, and said that Puchiko will be able to do it when she grows up.. or maybe not.

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