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    Nonaka Ai CDs

    Some of the CDs that Ai has released or appeared in are listed below.

    Solo CDs

    Ai has released the following solo CDs.

    2006.02.01Ai no Uta (KICS-1210 KICS-91210)Song
    2006.12.06Shiawase no Iro (KICS-1283)Song
    2008.03.12Namida no Kiseki (KICS-91354)Song
    2009.04.22Supplement (KICS-91462)Song
    2010.01.27Ai Ranger (KICS-91509)Song

    Miscellaneous CDs

    Ai appears (sings/talks) in the following CDs.

    2003.12.28Four Seasons [Binzume Yousei/Bottle Fairy] (KICA-617)Song
    2004.02.27Pani Poni Drama CD Vol.1 Ver.KSS (KSCA-29183)Talk
    2004.03.27Pani Poni Drama CD Vol.2 Ver.SquareEnix (ENCA-1801)Talk
    2004.07.22Binzume Yousei Asa Hiru Yoru CD 2 (KICA-648)Talk
    2004.07.28Can_Drops [Drops] (KICA-646)Song
    2004.10.22Pani Poni Second Season Vol.1 (PCCC-0024)Talk
    2005.02.16Kagayaku Kimihe [Kanakana Gumi] (KICM-3094)Song
    2005.02.25Pani Poni Second Season Vol.3 (PCCC-0026)Talk
    2005.12.28Pani Poni Dash Original Soundtrack Gakuen Festival (KICA-756)Song
    2006.01.25Pani Poni Dash Drama CD 1 (KICA-736)Talk
    2006.02.22Pani Poni Dash Drama CD 2 (KICA-737)Talk
    2006.02.22Pani Poni Dash Vocal Best Album Uta no The Best Ten (KICA-769)Song
    2006.02.24Binchou-tan Drama CD vol 2 (FCCM-102)Talk
    2006.02.24Hatsukoi Shimai volume 1 (BWC-3001)Talk
    2006.03.24Binchou-tan Drama CD vol 3 (FCCM-103)Talk
    2006.06.21Pani Poni Dash DJCD Pani Raji Dash! Vol.1 (KICA-794)Talk
    2007.02.21Manabi Straight Original Soundtrack Ensemble I (KICA-831)Song
    2007.03.09Riviera Drama CD The Precious Chapter (VGCD-76)Talk
    2007.04.04Manabi Straight Kira Kira Happy Festa! (KICA-839)Song
    2007.05.16Manabi Straight Original Soundtrack Ensemble II (KICA-851)Song
    2007.06.22Drama CD CLANNAD vol 3 Ibuki Fuuko (FCCP-0026)Talk
    2007.06.27Negima!? DJCD Vol.2 Kandasan Aipon no Negimaho Radio!? (KICA-820 KICA-821)Talk
    2007.09.26Negima!? Best Album (KICA-842)Song
    2007.11.21Zetsubou Sensei Kayou Daizenshuu (KICA-891)Song
    2008.01.16Zetsubou Gekijou (KICA-885)Talk
    2008.03.26Zoku Zetsubou Gekiban Senshuu (KICA-899)Song
    2008.05.14Zetsubou Daisatsukai (KICA-900)Song
    2008.12.25Toradora! Drama CD vol 1 (KICA-953)Talk
    2009.05.27Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo Drama Vol.1 (LACA-5908)Talk
    2009.07.01Asura Cryin' Variety CD (KICA-972 KICA-973)Talk
    2009.07.08Utagoe Kissa Hakobune (KICA-982)Song
    2009.07.22Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo Drama Vol.2 (LACA-5932)Talk
    2009.09.30Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou Drama and Character Song Album (LHCA-5106)Song/Talk
    2009.09.30Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Character Song Album IT DEPAIRED (KICA-989)Song
    2010.11.17Mahou Sensei Negima! Mou Hitotsu no Sekai Theme Song Collection (KICA-3133)Song
    2011.12.21Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Character Song Album Vol.2 (KIXA-90126)Song
    2012.07.11Another Character Song Album Songs Party (LACA-15196)Song
    2013.06.26Namiuchigiwa no Music (KICA-3215)Song
    2017.04.19GirlFriend Character Song Series Vol.04 (PCCG-1594)Song

    CD singles

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