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    Taketatsu Ayana DVDs/Blurays/videos

    Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Ayana has appeared in are as follows.

    2010.06.30K-On! Live Let's Go (PCBE-53539)live video, making
    2011.01.26Sekai to Issho ni Mawarouyo [CD+DVD] (KECH-9008)event audio drama
    2012.04.11Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!! [CD+DVD] (PCCG-01272)promo video
    2012.09.12Onpu no Kuni no Alice [CD+DVD] (PCCG-1298)promo video
    2013.01.09Jikuu Tours [CD+DVD] (PCCG-1318)promo video
    2013.04.10Apple Symphony [CD+DVD] (PCCG-1332)promo videos
    2013.05.15Kagami no Dualism [CD+DVD] (UMCA-59014)promo video
    2013.12.04Shuumatsu Cinderella [CD+DVD] (PCCG-1376)promo video
    2014.02.05Azurite [CD+DVD] (POCE-9401)promo video
    2014.05.07Petit Miladia [CD+BD] [Petit Milady] (POCE-9405)promo videos
    2014.06.04Wonderful World [CD+DVD] (PCCG-1404)promo video
    2014.08.13Koi ha Milk Tea [CD+DVD] (POCE-9407)promo video
    2014.10.15Kajirikake no Ringo [CD+DVD] (PCCG-1427)promo video
    2015.01.07Hi no Ito Rinne no Gemini [CD+DVD] (POCE-9409)promo video
    2015.05.13Cheri*Cheri? Milady! [CD+DVD] [Petit Milady] (POCE-9412)promo video, documentary video
    2015.10.21Hakone Hakoiri Musume [CD+DVD] (POCE-9414)promo video
    2015.11.04Little Lion Heart [CD+DVD] (PCCG-1488)promo video
    2016.01.27Hey! Calorie Queen [CD+DVD] (PCCG-1499)promo video
    2016.06.22Miss Revolutionist [CD+DVD] (PCCG-1528)promo video
    2016.11.02Lyrical Concerto [CD+BD] (PCCG-1553)promo video, event videos
    2017.11.29Apple Feuille [CD+BD] (PCCG-1629)promo videos, making of
    2018.05.16A or A!? [CD+DVD] (POCE-9421)promo video
    2018.07.25Sekaijuu ga Koi wo Suru Yoru [CD+DVD] (POCE-9422)promo video
    2018.08.29Cinderella Girls 5th Live Tour Serendipity Parade @Saitama Super Arena (COXC-1263)live video
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