Try Sail CDs

The following are some of the CDs released by the seiyuu group Try Sail.

date CD
2015.05.13 Youthful Dreamer
2015.08.19 Cobalt
2016.02.10 Whiz
2016.05.11 High Free Spirits
2016.05.11 High Free Spirits [anime version]
2016.05.25 Sail Canvas
2016.05.25 Sail Canvas [CD+DVD]
2016.12.14 Senpai
2017.02.08 Original [anime version]
2017.05.24 Adrenaline [anime version]
2017.08.23 Tailwind [CD+BD]
2018.03.14 Wanted Girl
2020.01.22 Free Turn
2020.03.11 Gomakashi

The TrySail members are Amamiya Sora (ŷ), Asakura Momo (Ҥ), Natsukawa Shiina (Ǻ)

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