Megami Radio 2 (2016.07.28)

title Megami Radio -Mega Radi- 2
date 2016.07.28
length 41 minutes
song Yume no Tsubasa (Iida Riho)
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Ichimiya Saku
guest none

This was the second broadcast of Mega Radi.

Sawako and Saku said they both listened to the first broadcast. They said they were a little embarassed to listen to themselves.

Since this was the second broadcast, there were several mails from listeners.

Some of the highlights from the talk..

There was a question asking about the first impression that Sawako and Saku had of each other. They said they met for the first time at a meeting for this radio show. Sawako said that she felt the "pureness" of the young Saku. She said she was pretty quiet herself, and didn't talk that much.

Saku said Sawako was very pretty and had a special aura around her.

Sawako said that the game Pokemon Go had started. She said she wanted to go "hiking" with Saku to catch pokemon. She wanted to go to Shinjuku Gyoen, to get a Pikachu. Saku said that she just installed Pokemon Go today.

There were a lot of mails asking about Saku, as she was a new seiyuu and most people didn't know anything about her.

Saku said she draws illustrations at home. She also likes to listen to "rakugo", the traditional Japanese talking entertainment. Sawako asked Saku what kinds of food she likes. Saku said that there wasn't any number one, but she likes chiken, curry rice, ramen, and pasta. Sawako said she likes all of those too and said, "Let's go eat Indian curry together."

Sawako said that when she was little, her mother would ask her to wake up her older brother. She went to his room and woke him up by jumping on him in his futon.

Sawako went to a girls high school. She went to a public co-ed junior high, and was in the wind orchestra. When she was in college, she didn't join any clubs.

Sawako is from Osaka, but when she speaks osaka-ben it sounds fake. But she said that there were some words that come out in osaka-ben naturally even when she is speaking standard Japanese.

The song they played was "Yume no Tsubasa", by Iida Riho.

After the song, there was the Venus News corner. There will be three new Venus Project events on August 20, September 24, and October 23, called Jikkengata 2.5 Jigen Megami Live.

It's one year after the Venus Project TV anime, and there is something going on. They said, "Please wait for the announcement."

There will be a guest on this radio show in broadcast 4, Tanabe Rui.

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