Megami Radio 4 (2016.08.11)

title Megami Radio -Mega Radi- 4
date 2016.08.11
length 49 minutes
song Kimi Collector (Tanabe Rui)
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Ichimiya Saku
guest Tanabe Rui (α)

This was the fourth broadcast of this radio show, and it was the first one with a guest, Tanabe Rui.

Before Rui spoke out, she did the sound of a chicken. Then she started talking, and introduced her character Sarashina Mizuki. Rui said there was some similarity between Mizuki and herself.

This show flowed as usual. Sawako, Saku, and Rui read the mails from the listeners, and there was a lot of talk between them.

Some of the highlights from the talk..

Rui likes crabs and also raw fish. Saku said she can't eat raw fish, but likes cooked fish.

Sawako and Rui went on a "date" last year, to Disney and a museum.

Sawako said she didn't like "katsudon", because she can't eat white rice by itself. Actually she was mistaken about what katsudon was. Sawako thought that it was just the pork cutlet and sliced cabbage on top of white rice. Actually a katsudon has the pork cooked in egg with a sauce, and that gets put on top of the rice. Since there is sauce, it will seep into the rice. So Sawako can actually eat katsudon.

The song they played was "Kimi Collector" by Sarashina Mizuki (Tanabe Rui).

After the song was the Venus News corner. Saku said that she will also appear at the next event, Jikkengata 2.5 Jigen Megami Live. She will be the opening act.

Also a new Venus Project radio drama will start next month.

Rui will also come as a guest next week (broadcast 5).

Saku said she will also draw Rui into her 4 koma manga.

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