Megami Radio 13 (2016.10.13)

title Megami Radio -Mega Radi- 13
date 2016.10.13
length 50 minutes
song Coin (Iida Riho)
drama Venus Project Shinshou episode 2
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Ichimiya Saku
guest none

There were only 10 days until the next Venus Project live. Sawako said that she wanted to do something Halloween for the next live. Last year Sawako wore a witch outfit during the opening act at one of the Venus Project lives. She also wore a black dress and black wings at another one.

Saku said that she wants to be dracula. Then Sawako said that she can be a vampire lady.

Some of the highlights from the talk..

They talked about their high school days.

When Sawako was in high school, her skirt was pretty short. It was around 10 cm above her knees (against school regulations). She also didn't go into the pool. Sawako also said she copied the answers for her math homework from others, and she even wrote some answers wrong on purpose.

Saku said she liked math when she was in high school. She said that was the only subject she was good at.

Sawako said she liked fruits, and has been eating fruits for breakfast for around 10 years. Autumn has many fruits that she likes.

Sawako said she does a lot of net shopping, almost every night. Most of the items she buys are every day things that she needs, because she can't go to the stores when the stores are open. Sawako uses both rakuten and amazon.

sawako said she has some interest in riding motorcycles, but she hasn't even ridden a moped yet.

The song they played was "Coin" by Ruka Sovagasky (Iida Riho).

After the song was the Venus News corner.

Same news as last week..

The next Venus Project live will take place on October 23.

They also started selling the Venus Project CDs on the internet, on the Hybrid Mind Market site.

During the ending talk, Sawako said that she wants to get full by eating just fruits, but she hasn't done that yet.

After the normal ending, they broadcast the Venus Project radio drama, episode 2. The drama was around 8 minutes.

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