Megami Radio 10 (2016.09.22)

title Megami Radio -Mega Radi- 10
date 2016.09.22
length 38 minutes
song Coin (Hata Sawako)
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Ichimiya Saku
guest none

There were only 2 days until the next Venus Project live.

Saku will appear as the opening act again, and Sawako said that she should do something different from last time.

Some of the highlights from the talk..

Saku said that the most difficult dish that she made was butter chicken curry.

Sawako doesn't like sweet things that much, but a few years ago she used to make some desserts at home. She saw the reciepe for the pudding for the store Pastel, so she tried it at home.

Sawako said she has large hands. She hardly met any girl with hands larger than her. Saku said she has very small hands. Sawako said that she likes small, thin hands.

The song they played was "Coin" by Hara Eriko (Hata Sawako).

After the song was the Venus News corner. The next Venus Project live will take place on September 24.

They are making a Venus Project radio drama, and Sawako said they have started the recording for it.

At the end, Saku announced that she will appear in a recitation event at Akihabara Pasela Resorts called "As You Like It" on October 3. She said that it's a little like a musical.

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