Megami Radio 9 (2016.09.15)

title Megami Radio -Mega Radi- 9
date 2016.09.15
length 54 minutes
song Umbrella ha Ikaga (Hata Sawako)
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Ichimiya Saku
guest none

There were only 9 days until the next Venus Project live. Sawako asked if Saku had anything planned for her opening talk. Saku said she hasn't decided yet.

Saku was wearing boy's clothes today. She asked Sawako to guess what she was doing differently today, but Sawako couldn't figure it out. Saku said that she was wearing a holder to flatten her breasts. But Sawako said that it seemed the same as usual.

Saku was wearing damaged jeans and her older brother's shirt.

Some of the highlights from the talk..

Sawako wants to go to a foreign country (for vacation). She mentioned Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Hawaii. But she said Hawaii is too expensive. She said it costs around 300,000 yen to go. But Germany is expensive too.

She likes Korea and Taiwan as they are pretty close, and she can come back right away if she has some work.

Sawako went to Korea before with her older sister, and liked it.

Saku said she went to Italy for 2 weeks. She wants to go to Hawaii next.

Sawako said Hawaii was great. There is lots of seafood, and the portions are very big. She liked mahi mahi.

Sawako likes both meat and fish, but she likes fish a little bit more.

Saku said that it used to take her around 30 minutes before she can fall asleep. But recently she can sleep right away.

Sawako said she plays games on her smartphone before she sleeps. She is playing oekaki logic (paint by numbers) right now.

Sawako said she is a very light sleeper. She can wake up right away. But she's still tired until the afternoon. Saku said that Sawako probably doesn't get enough rest at night. Sawako said she sleeps a lot during the day. When she has a couple hours between work, she goes to a karaoke store to sleep.

Sawako said she hates being watched, while eating, walking, etc. So she always looks down when she is walking, so she can avoid eye contact with people.

The song they played was "Umbrella ha Ikaga" by Hara Eriko (Hata Sawako).

After the song was the Venus News corner. The next Venus Project live will take place on 9/24.

Just as the show was ending, there was a surprise birthday celebration for Sawako.

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