Megami Radio 14 (2016.10.20)

title Megami Radio -Mega Radi- 14
date 2016.10.20
length 58 minutes
song Croque Mademoiselle (Nemoto Ruka)
drama Venus Project Shinshou episode 3
hosts Hata Sawako (»)
Ichimiya Saku
guest Nemoto Ruka (ή)

The guest was Nemoto Ruka. Ruka introduced her character, Kashima Yuu, a 16 year old blonde idol. Ruka is 18 now, but she was 17 when she started Venus Project a year ago.

Sawako said she had never dyed her hair before. Her hair was slightly brown to begin with so she said she wants to try a bright blonde if she was going to dye her hair.

The next Venus Project live was going to take place in 3 days.

The radio show flowed as usual, reading the mails and talking a lot, with Ruka joining in for the talk. Some of the highlights from the talk..

Sawako said Ruka grew up a lot during this one year that they have been doing Venus Project together.

Ruka said she feels she can talk a lot more when she's on the stage, because she did a lot of events for Venus Project and the group Idol Orchestra Ry's. Ruka is a member of Idol Orchestra Ry's.

Sawako said she was very hungry before the recording of this radio show, so she went to the supermarket and bought yakitori. She wanted to eat roast beef but they didn't have any.

Sawako said she likes salt yakitori, instead of the tare (sauce). She likes "sunagimo" (gizzards) not "nankotsu" (cartilage).

Sawako wants to go out to see the autumn leaves, but most of her off days were weekends. She doesn't want to go on weekends when everything is very crowded. So she ends up not going anywhere.

Ruka likes games and usually just stays at home. She doesn't like going out. Right now, Ruka is playing the new game, Persona 5.

Ruka said she can't swim very well. When she was swimming 25 meters, people thought she was drowning. Sawako said she doesn't like swimming either. She doesn't like the ocean either, because she doesn't like sharks.

The Sony Playstation VR went on sale recently, but Sawako couldn't get one. She had to work on the day it went on sale.

Ruka said she likes penguins, and can watch them for many hours.

The song they played was "Croque Mademoiselle" by Kashima Yuu (Nemoto Ruka).

After the song was the Venus News corner. The October live will take place on 10/23, and this will be the last live, for a while. The radio drama CD will go on sale at the event.

They also announced that the next broadcast of this radio show will be the last!

After the normal ending, they broadcast the Venus Project radio drama, episode 3. The drama was around 8 minutes.

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