Megami Radio 5 (2016.08.18)

SHOWINFO_INFO title | Megami Radio -Mega Radi- 5 date | 2016.08.18 length | 48 minutes song | Aoi Ichibyou (Tanabe Rui) hosts | Hata Sawako (»)
Ichimiya Saku guest | Tanabe Rui (α) SHOWINFO_End megaradi05-00.jpg

Tanabe Rui was the guest for this week, just like last week (broadcast 4).

It was only two days until the Venus Project live. Saku will do the opening act, but she hasn't decided what she will do.

Sawako said she and Marika dressd up as witches and did the opening act at an event last year. She suggested that Saku draw some pictures.

They said they didn't know exactly what will happen, but they said that the new event will be very different from previous events.

Some of the highlights from the talk..

Sawako remembers the Venus Project Premium live from last year. She was wearing sandals, and walking down some stairs at the beginning of a song. She noticed that it was difficult to walk. When she looked down, she saw one heel was broken. Since the heel was around 5cm, she had trouble standing. So she took off her sandals and sang the song barefoot.

Rui said she always meets up with Ami to arrange their duets before each event. Sawako said she always goes to karaoke with Marika to practice their songs. Then Rui said she wants to go karaoke with all of the Venus Project members. They have never gone together yet.

Rui said she loves "kani miso" (crab tomalley), because its filled with the best flavors of the crab. Rui said one of her fans sent her about 50 cans of kani miso, which she stocked in her refrigerator and eats them a little at a time.

Sawako said that if she was a boy, she wants to explore the Amazon.

Rui said she didn't have any friends in her school life, so she wants to make friends.

Sawako and Saku are playing Pokemon Go, but Rui isn't playing yet.

The song they played was "Aoi Ichibyou" by Sarashina Mizuki (Tanabe Rui).

After the song was the Venus News corner. The new Venus Project events, Jikkengata 2.5 Jigen Megami Live, will be held three months in a row, on 8/20, 9/24, and 10/23.

The Venus Project radio drama will begin next month.

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